Forgood Studios is the parent organization of all the Forgood sites.

We are working together to create a network of people, organizations, and resources for solving the problems in our community. We are non-profit, open source, and copy left. We want our solutions to be freely used by anyone, but we think putting our collective effort together towards free and open solutions is better than being divided. (Not all source/documentation is yet published. If you want something feel free to ask and we'll send it/publish it).

Nonprofit solutions are built from the community and we need you! If you have any ideas, questions, suggestions, you want to lead a project, or you just want to say 'hi' you can reach me personally at zacdavidm[at] and @zacdavidm on twitter.

Thank You,
-Zac David McCreary


Forgood Housing

Forgood Housing is an application to help connect good landlords and good tenants and improve the housing community.


An open source application to help keep track of inventory. Feel free to suggest changes.


Tools for Nonprofits

Tools for Nonprofits is a list of tools useful to nonprofits. We aim for free and open source tools, but also include tools that offer a nonprofit discount, or for which are simply worth paying. Feel free to suggest changes.